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UPSC CSE, according to me is not an ordinary exam. It tests your limits, not only mental strength but also physical strength. It tests your overall personality. For me an aspirant’s overall development is a must in order to achieve success in this exam. During my long UPSC journey I had many ups and downs. I learned different aspects of this exam and gained experience and knowledge with which I can help you clear this exam based on my experience and experiments. I believe the most important thing to clear this exam is right direction, clear approach and a good plan. Due to lack of knowledge, beginners do make mistakes which can really harm their preparation and that is where my guidance and mentorship will come handy. From basic doubt to an advanced problem I will be guiding and showing the right direction and will help the aspirants in every aspect during their this beautiful journey of civil services preparation.

Candy Cotton

Consistency, Patience, Hard Work, Self Discipline and a strong will power are the most important qualities to succeed in life.

Sometimes to be strong is the only option we are left with, so fight with your current situation and stop blaming others.

Just follow your passion, people will always be there to demotivate you but always remember one thing - nobody can stop you from achieving what your desire for, unless you let them.

In order to succeed in life, one must find their life’s purpose. Everyone who has taken birth has a purpose to serve.

Students often ask me, “what is success according to you?”. I say,” success for me is just a peace of mind. When you need not to worry about anything, I call it a successful life.”

- Shashank Sajwan

Candy Cotton


This is the first ever initiative by us in the country. The main purpose of this batch is to get connected with the aspirants directly and solve their personal problems and to provide them with perfect solution.
We are providing full fledged preparation of UPSC & Personal Guidance.
Batch is going to start from 15th  of JUNE, if you want more information and enrollment, kindly WhatsApp on the number given on the top of the website.

Key Features

  • Live Interaction classes, 2 days a week.

  • Notes and Lectures of all the subjects from class 6th to the core, NCERTs, Reference Books, Current Affairs, PIB, PYQs will be covered.

  • CSAT Preparation & Optional Guidance is also included.

  • Test Series & Mains Answer Writing is also included.

  • Personal Mentorship & Guidance will be provided to each and every Aspirants on daily basis.

Candy Cotton



In prelims we have two papers which are of objective type. One is general Studies, which is the deciding factor to get selected for mains. Other is CSAT which is qualifying in nature where you just need to score 33%.


In mains we have total nine papers. Four are general studies often termed as GS1, GS2, GS3 and GS4 , one paper of essay, two papers of optional subject and remaining two are language papers which are qualifying in nature. Mains is subjective.


Final state is interview often termed as personality test. Here candidate’s overall personality, general awareness and social etiquette is tested and observed if the individual has officer like qualities so that he/she is fit for the services.

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Candy Cotton
shashank sir chilling on stairs

UPSC is a marathon so be patient and be consistent. My biggest mistake was

not being consistent. "Thoda thoda padho but daily padho". Don't take a big jump,

just take smaller steps and move ahead. And most important thing never take big gaps and always be in touch with studies be it online, offline or just reading newspaper.

At times we don't like studying, in that case you can either watch quick revision
videos on Youtube or simply just revise your notes. "THE MOMENT YOU GET INTO THE COMFORT ZONE, YOU WILL LOSE GRIP OF YOUR PREPARATION AND IT CAN COST YOU ONE WHOLE YEAR" (telling based on my personal experience). One small mistake

can really throw you out of the competition. Just make a plan, follow it and time to

time update it as per your need. Don't follow others blindly, listen to everyone and

add things as per requirement. Believe in yourself and you will definitely achieve it.


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